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The Summit Bar is a blog for bartenders. It offers information, tips, and tricks in bar management, including drink recipes from classic to handcrafted cocktails.

We understand that the bar trading business looks much the same as it was centuries ago. The art of hospitality began as early as the man began to exist. People offer drinks to friends, family, and acquaintances.

Great bartenders work for almost a lifetime. And, technology isn’t likely to replace bartenders anytime soon. Although technology and industry trends have shaped specific aspects of what people drink and how they do it, bartenders make the drinks special.
Bartending requires varied skills and types of personalities to suit different work areas. The job allows bartenders to work and exercise simultaneously. It’s the right job if you don’t like a 9-5 job that involves sitting behind a desk all day long.

Bartenders work under different shifts, especially at night. This work barely involves sitting down. According to varied studies, it’s not healthy to sit for more than 8 hours consecutively on a daily basis. Although prolonged standing can strain your joints, you get to work out for the minimum recommended daily exercise duration of 30 minutes. Bartenders get the opportunity to meet people of all kinds. Despite individuals’ ethnicity, race, age (over 18), religion, or gender, anyone can walk into a bar to enjoy their favorite drink. Every single hour or day, you meet and converse with different people. You make friendships you wouldn’t make anywhere else.

Furthermore, a few minutes of discussion with a client, listening to the complaints of customers, preparing cocktails that turn people’s lives around, or making compliments are great ways to make clients happy. People visit bars to have a good time. Whether a customer is happy or not, they expect to leave the bar happier than they walked in. With the right tips, bartenders have learned the art of transforming an individual’s mood from terrible to great.

Exchange smiles, kind words, and some drinks to ease a customer’s pain after a long day. This is important when looking for a comfortable experience in the bar where you work.
Bartending also allows for creativity.

At The Summit Bar, we provide you with the tips you need to create something beautiful for your clients. Customers will be in awe of the handcrafted cocktail you prepare. Similarly, you’ll feel good about the works of your hands.


The Summit Bar has the mission to provide correct and up-to-date information on bartending and management. We provide actionable tips and tricks to help you run your bar successfully.


Our vision is to be a leading resource for information, tips, tricks and guides on running successful bars. We aim at offering bartenders the most authoritative bartending information on the internet.

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