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We provide tips and tricks for using glassware, choosing a cocktail color, and picking garnish (including how to use it) when making a new drink. If you studied art, your teachers would love to visit your place of work to witness and taste your crafted drink.

We also encourage young, artistic persons to take up bartending jobs because every day is pay-day. Most bartenders are paid on a weekly basis. However, you stand the chance to receive tips from clients on a daily basis.

The tips add to your earnings so you can save more money for a better future. Your financial gain increases the more effort you put into serving and satisfying the needs of your clients, including experiences.

What’s more, bartenders have access to lots of career options. You can establish your own bar, work as a bar manager, or even take up a bar from its retired boss.

We can also help you learn transferable skills while bartending to eventually apply to another line of work when you leave the bartender field. Our blog has tips on how you can develop communication, teamwork, calmness under pressure, and numeracy among other useful skills.

With creativity and the right skills, you can be adventurous and explore various flavors to prepare unique cocktail drinks. We also show you top bar training courses, including Responsible Alcohol Service courses that you can study.

The Summit Bar also offers information on smart ordering when it comes to bar management. There’s a need for strategic purchasing, consistent management of liquor inventory, organizing invoices, and selecting the right distributors.

We stress the need to take inventory regularly to get reliable data. You can use the data to order confidently and make buying decisions to satisfy the unique needs of your bar. This is also key to making clients happy and increasing sales.

Stick to the duration you take before taking product inventory, be it weekly or monthly. With consistency, you get reliable numbers. This means that you know how to take inventory for your bar. This is a good way to manage a bar successfully.

We teach you how to determine what your bar needs because it’s an integral part of successful bar management. Inventory par levels and usage rates are important considerations when working out the needs of your bar.

You’ll learn how to compare previous invoices with inventory usage to determine what you received and the quantity that has been used. Your inventory par level is the least amount of drinks you should have in stock. The Summit Bar also offers information on the essence of choosing the right alcohol distributors. Apart from price, consider other factors when choosing distributors. They include costs of delivery, additional services offered, delivery schedule, volume discounts, and breakage fees.
Compare prices across different suppliers and find out how other bars price the drinks. It’s also important to record everything purchased.

Every bartender needs a history of invoices to make correct orders. You’ll learn about pour cost, par levels, and how to calculate correct usage. There’s a need to organize and file invoices for easy access in the future.

At The Summit Bar, we also help bartenders learn about the different inventory software out there. They can choose one to track orders, inventory, and invoices, making sure that you can access them when the need arises. Automated solutions allow bartenders to focus on other important aspects of bartending, including making creative and profitable decisions. Generally, bars should be organized and kept tidy, including drinks in storage. Other aspects of bar management covered in the blog include optimizing bar operations. Customers opt for bars with great reviews on cleanliness. Organize your physical space and ascertain that your operations are process-driven.

You’ll also learn how to create bar opening/closing checklists, cleaning checklists, an operations manual, including focusing on your bar’s layout.

We’re your go-to resource for information, tips, and tricks about bartending and management.

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