How Craft Cocktails Trend Influence the Bar Industry

Since 20 years ago, craft beers make up a good percentage of beer consumption, hampering the growth of beer products like Coors and Budweiser. Likewise, the increase in the acceptance of craft cocktails has influenced how numerous bars formulate their beverage menu.

The definition of craft beverages may not have one meaning agreeable to all. However, the phrase signifies high-quality drinks and hand-made drinks. Lots of mastery relate to brewing and producing these craft beers and cocktails than you can usually see in many standard beverages.

Craft drinks have come to stay, so while determining the class these cool beverages will be on your drink menu, you must first grasp its influence on your operations.

Influence of Craft Trend on Cocktail Operation

Craft beers and craft cocktails have delivered essential advantages to the bar industry. They include:

1. Diverse Ingredients

For many years, the core ingredients used in cocktails entailed Jack and Coke, tonic, or gin. However, the acceptance of cocktails has started to alter this style. Today, more bars provide a vast craft cocktail menu made of several ingredients, usually above four. This characteristic enables the bar to employ their creativity and set themselves apart from others in the industry.

2. Higher Sales

With craft cocktails on many bar menu, bar owners can make more profit as they increase their drinks’ worth. For instance, a liquor containing two ingredients is worth $5 while craft cocktails cost more, around $8 to $14, and even more in some highbrow bars.
Moreover, various bars have witnessed an upscale in patronage and profit after incorporating craft cocktails into their drink menu and making it their specialty.

3. Quality

Due to the rising craft trend, the industry now focuses on producing quality and passionately-crafted beer or signature cocktails with fresh juices and other unique ingredients. This excellence provides a more enjoyable craft experience for customers than the mass brewed beer and the average two-ingredient cocktails.

4. Improves the Perception of Your Bar

Want more bar patrons trusting your brand? A collection of excellent craft cocktails will improve the opinion of customers about your bar. Get your bartenders to do better than pouring the drinks. Instead, they can evolve into mixologists who ideally pair ingredients to create flavorful cocktails.

Craft Trend Challenges

No doubt, craft trends brought much progress into the bar; nonetheless, it also brought some issues for many bar owners.

1. High Cost of Drinks

Establishments who haven’t incorporated craft cocktails into their menu don’t charge their customers so high as much as those who have met that standard. This downside has to do with craft cocktails containing ingredients of higher quality.

2. Time Consuming

Cocktails involve adding some garnishes, cutting fruits, and preparing other elements necessary for the drink, thus influencing the time bartenders spend preparing the beverages. This characteristic may affect the number of customers a bartender can attend to in a day.

3. Differing Sizes

Conventional two-ingredient drinks usually have a 1.5-ounce pour size, while several standard beers have a 14.5-ounce pour size. Nonetheless, signature drinks utilize a smaller quantity of each ingredient to give elaborateness to the beverage, producing a broader spectrum of pour sizes.

4. Higher Retail Losses

Not remembering to ring your craft beers and craft cocktails can cost you lots of profit since the two beverages typically cost higher.

How to Manage the Challenges Related to Craft Drinks

1. Batching

Pre-mix specific ingredients of a craft cocktail to regain time formulating these beverages when patrons order them. Simply find harmony between efficiency and artistry to offer your patrons the most excellent experience.

2. Jiggers

Use jiggers for four or more ingredients in minor quantities to ensure that the bartender prepares the cocktails appropriately. While it may take a longer time, it helps you get the right percentage of all ingredients to guarantee a fantastic taste.

3. Training

Educate your bartenders on how to make your craft cocktails promptly and more efficiently. Although it may consume time, it will be of great benefit to your bar when your staff can expertly make any drink the way your patrons would crave them.

5. Decide Prices

As you include new craft cocktails in your menu, determine each drink’s price to maximize profit. This measure may become a weekly assignment if you’re rotating craft beers weekly.

6. Regular Updates to Your POS system

To track usage and ensure accountability, generate a new POS button for every drink you include in your menu.
Undoubtedly, incorporating craft cocktails and craft beers into your bar business is a profitable measure for your establishment.

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